Stain Free Protection Treatment

Stain Protection Treatment Options


  1. SCOTCHGARDING FURNITUREA Scotch Guarding Furniture service or purchasing Scotchgard in a can for do-it yourselfers comes to mind when furniture protection is suggested by Interior Designers.  Scotchgard by 3M has been around for a long time and it’s the operational word when it comes to stain protecting furniture.  But if you look closely at the chemical makeup, you will find the word silicone.  Silicone has been known in the industry to discolor over time or with re-application, which is necessary as it easily abrades off and cleans off.  Scotchgarding fabrics has also been known to attract soil to the surface of the fabric, thereby requiring frequent cleaning, which in turn adds more expense to your fabric care.  The interior designer’s choice in fabric protection is a formula called STAIN FREE which is the stain guard used by Ultra-Guard, Inc.  Ultra-Guard’s formula is a nano-tech Stain Protection formula that also by its nature contains an ultra-Violet inhibitor that reduces sun fade on fabric and yarn systems.

Stain Free Fabric Protection




  1. GUARDING YOUR CARPETWhen the idea of stain guarding carpet comes to mind, Dupont Teflon puts out a carpet protector that is used by a very large number of carpet cleaning technicians because it is an inexpensive water-based stain protector.  Of course, being a water-based product, it also is removed with use very quickly and must be replaced every time it is cleaned.  Ultra-Guard’s nano-tech formula applied for Protecting Carpet actually bonds with the yarn fiber creating a PERMANENT STAIN GUARD barrier that does not allow the soil or staining agent to penetrate to the surface of the fabric or yarn, resulting in a life time of stain protection and soiling resistance.

Stain Fabric Protection Treatment




  1. SCOTCHGARD PROTECTION FOR SELF APPLICATIONFor those who have small projects or small budgets, and don’t mind doing it themselves think of Scotchgarding upholstery or Scotchgarding carpet is the thing to do but doing it yourself doesn’t make the product work any better.  If you want a water-proofer for your fabrics, Scotchguard is fine, but if you want to protect your furniture and rugs against staining or sun fade, I would advise going that route.  Stain Free by Ultra-Guard is not a water-proofer and will not protect outdoor furniture from direct sun or rainstorm.  While we protect door or patio furniture against staining, we explain to our clients, it is not a water proofer!  If you can afford the extra expenditure, it is always better to have our certified technicians do the application of our STAIN FREE fabric protection.  Not only is it the Preferred Stain Guard by the interior design industry, but professional application assures a consistent and even application to the whole surface of your furniture or rugs. Plus there is no warranty that comes with self-application, whereas Ultra-Guard offers a 5-Year service warranty, so if you have a soiling or staining issue, you have someone to call that is experienced at the removal of spots and marks on the fabric or carpet.  Our Ultra-Guard technicians have a 97% success ratio in the removal of spots and spills.  Remember; our STAIN FREE formula is not bullet-proof, but it will dramatically reduce the chances of having a permanent stain.

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