Stain Protection Treatment Options

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Stain Free Protection Treatment Stain Protection Treatment Options UPHOLSTERY FABRIC PROTECTION SCOTCHGARDING FURNITURE Scotch Guarding Furniture service or purchasing Scotchgard in a can for do-it-yourselfers comes to mind when Interior Designers suggest furniture protection. Scotchgard by 3M has been around for a long time, and it’s the operative word for stain furniture protection. But looking […]

The Six Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture

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The Six Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture DO NOT APPLY SCOTCHGUARD STAIN PROTECTOR Scotchgard contains silicone, which not only yellows fabrics over time but can also attract soil to the fabric. Scotch guard is, you can’t feel it on the fabric is chemically “sticky,” which attracts soil to the surface of the fabric and […]

About Our Stain Free Fabric Protector

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Stain Free Fabric Protector They often asked if we could come out and Scotchguard their furniture. While in the furniture protection business, we do not use Scotchgard. Our fabric protector is called Stain Free, and our stain protection formula is unique to the furniture protection industry. It is the only nano-tech fabric protector applied on-site […]