5 Year Service Warranty: For when that spill or spot happens.

FACT: There is no fabric protection formula that will protect against everything.

No application will stand up against certain dyes, acids, or a base such as bleach.

FACT: Not all treated fabrics will “bead” when liquid is spilled on them, even with Stain-Free! Beading depends on the “surface tension” of the fabric, so tighter weaves will bead better than others and in carpet, the tight dense yarns bead nicely.

The way our Stain-Free works is that it surrounds the fiber and even if liquids don’t bead, it allows the residue to be professionally cleaned out of the fabric.

When you do have a spill or spot that does not blot off, we recommend that you do not
attempt to remove yourself as you could make things worse.


Superior Stain Resistance
We offer a 5-Year Service Warranty to those who are in our service area, for a professional attempt at removal. While we can’t guarantee that the stain will come out, we have a 96% success rate of complete removal.

The warranty is a Spot-Call warranty. All you need to do is call us within 5 days of the spill or spot. The sooner we can get to the spot, the better the chances of complete removal (Note: pet issues are not covered).

Our Stain-Free PROMISE is that it will dramatically reduce the chance of ever having a permanent stain.

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