Stain Free Fabric Protector

They often asked if we could come out and Scotchguard their furniture. While in the furniture protection business, we do not use Scotchgard. Our fabric protector is called Stain Free, and our stain protection formula is unique to the furniture protection industry. It is the only nano-tech fabric protector applied on-site in over 200 service centers across the U.S. Scotchgard is better known in the industry…like Kleenex is to tissue. Because we work primarily with interior designers, we cannot use Scotchgard, Microseal, or Fiberseal-type fabric protectors, as some contain silicone and others are water-based.

Stain Fabric Protection Treatment

Our furniture protector, STAIN FREE, must be silicone free so as not to discolor or attract soil to the fabrics we stain guard. We cannot use a fabric protection chemical that will attract soil to the fabric surface for designer fabrics. When we apply our fabric protector in our furniture protection process, we must know our fabric protector will not discolor the fabric or yarn while becoming a permanent furniture protector and not come off with cleaning or wear off. Furniture Protection is our business, and we have to offer the best application of stain protectors available in the Fabric protection industry. In comparison, Scotchgard is readily available in stores and sold online.

Stain Free Fabric Protection

Stain Free is purchased online or applied in the home. Either way, you get the best furniture protection and rug protection available. You can find Stain Free by looking online at Call the listed number if you want us to apply the fabric protector. But if you have budget constraints, you can apply for our fabric protection using our 16 oz bottles of stain protection called STAIN FREE on our store page. Just a note: our Upholstery protection formula also contains an ultraviolet inhibitor that is sun protection.

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