Can I clean furniture that has been Scotchgarded?

Scotchgard type treatments are just what is known in the Stain Protection Industry as topical treatments and are easily removed by abrasion or use and most certainly by cleaning, thereby requiring repeat treatments, which becomes costly to the consumer.

Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE fabric protection formula is not a topical treatment.

STAIN FREE upholstery and rug protection is a Nano-Tech formula.  Nanotech simply means a smaller molecule and what this means to the layman is the stain protection chemical bonds with the fiber and cannot be removed by abrasion (use) or professional cleaning.


How long does Scotchgard last?

It depends on the use and care of the furniture.  A Scotchgard type treatment will last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months.

Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE furniture protection is guaranteed to be permanent.  If it ever comes off, Ultra-Guard will re-treat the furniture or carpet at no charge to the customer.


Does Scotchgard protect furniture from fading?

No, Scotchgard type chemicals contain no ultra-violet inhibitors that protect against sunlight.

STAIN FREE’S formula, unlike Scotch gard, contains an ultra-violet inhibitor that reduces sun fade on fabric and carpet.

Direct sun will eventually discolor or oxidize any material, including metal.

Ultra Guard Stain Free Formula


Will Scotch Guard cause discoloration of my white fabrics?

Scotch Guard type stain protectors containing silicone cause faster soiling of upholstery fabrics and carpet yarn.  Silicone is chemically a sticky substance and attracts soil to the surface of the fabrics or rugs.  One cannot feel a stickiness on the fabric, but it is there.  And like a magnet will draw the dirt to the surface, necessitating the need for repeated professional cleaning which will remove the “protectant”.

Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE formula, unlike Scotch guard type products contains no SILICONE.  Silicone can yellow or discolor home furnishings like upholstery, carpet, area rugs, bedding and drapery over time.


Will Scotchgard protect fabrics and rugs from mold and mildew?

No, Scotch gard type chemicals do not contain any ingredients that protect against mold or mildew.

Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE contains an antibacterial agent that protects against both mold and mildew.

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