How To Protect Fabric Furniture From Stains And Dirt

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You can typically find fabric furniture, or upholstered furniture, in practically any living room you visit. Upholstered furniture is so commonplace that two years after COVID-19, one of its marketplaces surpassed its pre-pandemic levels. The global market for upholstered furniture has reportedly hit the $80 billion milestone in 2021, per World Furniture Online. If you […]

Is Carpet Protector Worth the Investment?

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You want to maintain your carpet, feeling and looking its best for as long as you can because it can be a significant investment in your home or business. A carpet protector, a chemical treatment that forms a barrier between your carpet fibers and dirt, stains, spills, and other impurities, is one of the most […]

How To Remove Grease From Upholstery

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A grease stain around a couch caused by dirty hands touched by chicken fat during your lunch or car engine oil. Cosmetics and hair oils could cause other grease stains on a sofa. Whatever the reason, you need an upholstery cleaner that can remove oily stains when grease stains your furniture. You can buy a […]

How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of A Rug

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It certainly seems like a formula for disaster to pour your morning cup of coffee over a spotless, white carpet inside your living room. If you’re still waking up, there’s a reasonable risk that you’ll be clumsy with your mug and spill coffee all over your rug one morning. What is the best way to […]

Why Is Stain Removal Important

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Stains are an inevitable part of life, and they can be frustrating and unsightly, from spilled coffee on your favorite shirt to a stubborn mark on your carpet. But have you ever stopped to consider why stain removal is so necessary? The truth is, it goes far beyond simply making something look better. Stains can […]

How Often Should You Apply Stain Protection to Your Rugs

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Your rugs are a valuable addition to your home’s decor, but they’re also vulnerable to spills and stains. To protect your investment and keep your rugs looking great, it’s important to apply stain protection regularly. But how often is “regularly”? Is it necessary to apply it after every cleaning, or can you get away with […]

Upholstery Protection: DIY vs. Professional Services

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As much as we love our furniture, it’s no secret that upholstery can easily get damaged or stained, especially with daily use. That’s why many people consider investing in upholstery protection to prolong the life of their favorite pieces. But when it comes to upholstery protection, there are two main options: DIY or professional services. […]

How Do I Protect My New Carpet From Stains

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You recently purchased a new carpet, but are unsure of how to protect it. Because new carpets are different from hard flooring, which requires a simpler and much more basic care method, it makes sense that many people don’t know how to care for their carpet. Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile to install a carpet because it […]

How To Protect Wood Furniture From Water Stains

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You recently purchased a brand-new wooden table for yourself. You can’t believe what a terrific price you received, and its style and color match other furniture and decor in the room perfectly. To celebrate, you brew yourself a hot cup of tea, but you carelessly place the entire cup on the table. To your astonishment, […]

Is Fabric Protection Worth It

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Most people are familiar with the idea of fabric protection, but they may not know exactly what it is. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to protect your furniture and clothes from stains, but do they really work? Fabric protection is a type of chemical treatment that is applied to […]