The Best Option in Stain Protection

There are a few things to consider in fabric protection

  • Does the fabric guard work?

What is the criteria for furniture protection working?

The first question you should ask is: Does the stain protection formula work on both water-based and oil-based spills?

Stain Protection

Most fabric protectors are either water-based or silicone-based.  These furniture protection products work well on water-based spills but not on oil-based spills.  Silicone-based upholstery protection products are what’s called chemically speaking “Oil Liking”.  This means they attract oil and grease rather than repel them and do not release when cleaning is attempted.  Ultra-Guard fabric protection service has a clear polymer base that works well on both water and oil spills and spots, thus more easily removed when upholstery cleaning or rug cleaning is done.

  • Should the stain protection bead up and if not, is it working?

Some stain guards bead up better than others after upholstery protection is applied.  Ultra-Guard has the most dependable “bead” once the fabric guard is cured.  Most other guards are topical stain treatments and lay on the surface of the fabric.

Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE fabric protector penetrates the surface and surrounds the fiber, actually bonding with the fabric, so that if a spill goes through because of a loose weave or for instance a cable yarn in rugs, the fiber is still protected and the staining agent is released in cleaning.

  • Does the upholstery protection formula do the same job on rugs and carpet or is furniture protector and carpet protection need to be different?

Some Carpet and Rug protectors are mixed a little different from sofa and chair protection.

Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE protects carpet and Upholstery the same.

Most stain guards are just application and no Service warranty or guarantee is offered.  Ultra-Guard offers a 5-Year Service Warranty for spots and spills.  All the Ultra-Guard client has to do when they have a spill or mark on their stain protected sofa or chair is call and Ultra-Guard sends a certified upholstery cleaner to attempt removal and the success rate for that is 97%.

Best Option in Stain Protection

Water-based carpet protectors only last up to 6 months before reapplication is needed.  The silicone-based fabric stain protection products normally last about a year.  Ultra-Guard guarantees their Fabric stain protection for the life of the fabric not to come off.  And if it is ever removed Ultra-Guard will reapply their furniture protection spray at no charge to the customer.

  • Does the furniture protection spray cover the item treated evenly?

Water-based stain protection treatments are simply not an even application and that is also true with Silicone-based upholstery stain protection.  Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE actually “wicks” to assure an even coat of the furniture guard is applied, giving the whole surface an equal amount of fabric stain protection.

  • Is the Furniture guard safe?

Water-based are benign when it comes to toxicity but can cause allergic reactions.  Some stain protectors in the past have had cancer causing chemicals attached and were also a danger to the environment.

Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection is Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, and not toxic and safe for kids and pets.

  • Does the application of the stain protection also provide sun protection?

Most rug protection and upholstery protection products do not have any sun protection.  Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE contains an ultra-violet inhibitor to reduce sun fade on carpet, rugs and upholstery.  While it works well in bright rooms, it is not meant for direct sun light.  We always recommend a covering on windows or tinting.

  • Does the Upholstery protection and rug protection have mold and mildew protection?

Ultra-Guard is the only furniture protection and upholstery protection formula that reduces the chances of mold or mildew on carpet or fabric.

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