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Ultra Guard Stain Free Sofa Protection

Ultra Guard Stain Free Sofa ProtectionWe here at Ultra-Guard get many calls on a daily basis from people that say I need sofa protection on my new sofa…the store where I bought it doesn’t offer sofa protection on their sofas.  Ultra-Guard actually applies fabric protection on other home furnishings like rugs, carpet, chairs, bedding and drapery.  But probably 80% of the calls we get are about Couch protection.

Ultra-Guard works primarily for Interior Designers who have installed home furnishings in the homes of their clientele and call us out, not just for sofa protection or “couch protection” but Dining room chairs, club chairs, occasional chairs, ottomans, headboards, window seats, and outdoor furniture.  So, couch protection is just a small part of what we do.  When we apply for sofa protection or for any other fabric or yarn, we offer a 5-Year Service Warranty so when the client has had an accident, like spilling wine on their sofa, because we did the sofa protection to begin with we send our skilled upholstery and carpet cleaning technician out to attempt removal of the spot or spill.  We explain to the people who call us for couch protection that this is not just an application but also ongoing care of their furniture and rugs.

Sofa Protection

Ultra Guard Stain Free Sofa Protection

Sofa protection requires the technician to remove the cushions from the sofa and place drop cloths around the Sofa and then apply our exclusive formula STAIN FREE to the entire surface of the couch.  And then the sofa cushions are treated on all sides and “tee peed” on the deck of the sofa to dry.  

Once our sofa protection is applied, we advise the client on cleaning.  We tell the same fine layer of dust that gets on their coffee table but gets dusted off weekly, but the same layer of dust goes unseen on the couch and builds up week after week with perspiration and the oil from your skin, eventually accumulation soiling that is visible and unsightly and in need of professional extraction cleaning.  

While we are happy to do accumulate soil cleaning, it is excluded from our service warranty.  All our technicians are IICRC certified in upholstery and rug cleaning and very skilled in the removal of stains.  There are stains, like acid, bleaches and dyes that will go through and sofa protection but 97% of these stains can be extracted because our STAIN FREE surrounds the fiber and the staining agents are able to be released.

A lot of our customers call us for sofa protection that are concerned about the sun fading the fabric and have seen that we have an ultra-violet inhibitor in our STAIN FREE formula that reduces sun fade on fabrics and rugs.  We caution them that while our couch protection will provide them with sun protection in a well-lighted room, direct sun will eventually damage the fabric or carpeting.

Couch protection provided by other companies can consist of water-based protection and this is simple a topical treatment and is easily removed by wear and cleaning.  So just sitting on the sofa can result in removal or cleaning a spot on the sofa can also result in removal of the sofa protection.  Our STAIN FREE formula is a nanotech formula that bonds with the fiber and becomes a permanent part of the fiber and will not be easily removed by abrasion (wear) or by spot cleaning or maintenance cleaning.  In fact, Ultra-Guard has a lifetime Guarantee against coming off.  If there is ever a loss of sofa protection we will re-apply at no charge to the client.  No other couch protection company can claim to have a permanent application.

Couch Protection

Other sofa protection companies use fluorocarbon chemicals that can be hazardous to the health of the family in the home as they can be inhaled during the application and off-gas when cleaned.  They are unhealthy for the home and are harmful to the environment.  Our STAIN FREE formula is eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypo allergenic.  It is totally safe for kids and pets.

Then, other couch protection companies, use a silicone base product.  These products are what they call in the industry “oil liking”.  What that means is, while they repel water-based staining agents bead up on the surface of the fabric, oil- based spills such as salad oil, butter, and grease soak into the fabric and are not easily released and sometimes not at all.  The chemicals in these silicone-based products will often change the feel of the fabric and feel oily to the touch.  These will also occasionally change the color of the fabric or carpet, yellowing the lighter colors.

After the application of Ultra-Guard’s STAIN FREE sofa protection, the fabric will resist both water and oil-based spills.  Spills will simply bead up and easily blot off. And because our couch protection formula is a clear polymer it will not yellow or change the feel of the fabric.

There are self-application couch protection chemicals on the market and purchased online, like Scotchgard, that simply do not perform and need frequent application.

If you need sofa protection and our professional application is not in your budget, you can purchase our STAIN FREE formula in 16 oz bottles to easily apply and you still have all the features of the best possible sofa protection.  You don’t have to saturate the fabric or carpet.  A fine mist will do and it penetrates through and wicks across the fabric. 

Keep in mind Sofa furniture protection, along with all other fabric and yarn systems has been our job for over 33 years now.  Ultra-Guard has been serving the Interior design trade for that long along with the general public.  We have almost 200 service centers in the United States.  We supply all the major cities with sofa protection and stand by to serve you with the best couch protection ever.

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