If there are children and pets, upholstered furniture like a sofa, couches, armchairs, and dining chairs can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Probably the most susceptible décor items to dirt and stains, after carpets and rugs.

Properly cleaning your upholstery is advised. But take care to avoid unintentionally committing these common upholstery cleaning mistakes, which could wind up harming your upholstery furniture.

What are some signs that upholstery needs to be cleaned?

Upholstery can accumulate dirt, allergens, and stains over time, impacting its appearance and cleanliness. Cleaning your upholstery regularly is essential to maintain a healthy and attractive living space. 

Here are some signs that your upholstery may need cleaning:

  1. Visible stains: Obvious stains from spills, food, beverages, or pet accidents indicate that your upholstery needs cleaning. Prompt attention to stains can prevent them from setting in permanently.
  2. Odors: Lingering odors, such as pet odors, smoke, or musty smells, can indicate that your upholstery harbors bacteria and allergens. Cleaning can help eliminate these odors.
  3. Faded or discolored fabric: Over time, exposure to sunlight and everyday wear can cause upholstery fabric to fade or change color. Cleaning can help restore the fabric’s vibrancy.
  4. Dust and debris accumulation: If you notice a layer of dust, grime, and debris on your upholstery, it’s a sign that it’s time for cleaning. Regular vacuuming can help prevent this buildup.
  5. Dull or lackluster appearance: Upholstery that looks dull or lacks its original sheen may benefit from cleaning. A good cleaning can revitalize the fabric and make it look fresh and appealing.

Paying attention to these signs and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your upholstery will help ensure it remains clean, fresh, and comfortable for years to come. If you need a San Juan Capistrano upholstery cleaning service, call us at (970) 316-3294.

7 Common DIY Upholstery Cleaning Mistakes

Here are seven common DIY upholstery cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Scrubbing stains

Scrubbing stains may cause dirt to seep deeper into the fabric’s fibers. If the stain appears fresh, begin by blotting the area to remove any dirt. Additionally, this will prevent it from seeping through into the foam underneath.

If the stain is older, use a steam cleaner or an upholstery spot cleaner. Moreover, overscrubbing can weaken an area in the fabric by causing damage to the fibers.

Soaking your upholstery with water

Even regular water will produce watermarks on your upholstery if it becomes too wet.

It is not advised to soak an area to remove a mark or dilute a stain. It may remain a permanent mark within the wet area even after it is dry.

When cleaning large sections of upholstered furniture, use a steam cleaner or minimal water.

Upholstery Cleaning Professionals in San Juan Capistrano

Using incorrect cleaning products

Upholstery should not be cleaned with any bleach-based or ammonia-containing cleaning products.

In the worst-case scenario, it might harm the fibers and result in holes or splitting, in addition to, at most, causing discoloration.

Ensure that you use the right cleaner for the type of fabric that the furniture is upholstered in. Contact the manufacturer (or hire upholstery cleaning professionals).

Using incorrect cleaning tools

When spot cleaning or blotting, make an effort to use gentle microfiber cloths that won’t shed lint.

Although brushing away loose dirt is a good idea, using firm bristle brushes on more delicate materials might seriously harm them. When required, use gentle brushes; avoid overbrushing.

Certain fabrics, like suede, can be cleaned with specialty brushes.

Incorrect use of fabric protectors

By shielding the fabric against wear and tear, fabric protectors can prolong the life of your upholstery.

Specific fabric protectors could be applied at home, but the wrong kind of protector or improper application will result in the opposite effect. If in doubt, it is preferable to have professional fabric protection applied.

Using excessive heat

Some fabrics, including silk or blends made with silk, can’t withstand intense heat.

Although steam is excellent for disinfecting and cleaning, certain fabrics will be harmed by it. Determine the ideal cleaning technique by contacting the manufacturer if you’re unsure if your sofa or other upholstered furniture can withstand steam cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning in San Juan Capistrano

Ignoring Professional Help

Cleaning your car and your upholstery are similar tasks. You shouldn’t attempt to repair your car’s engine or transmission on your own, and the same goes for cleaning your upholstered furniture—especially if there has been a significant spill or a particularly tough stain.

Even if you believe you know what you’re doing, cleaning the upholstery yourself has far too many risks. It is best to have a professional do upholstery cleaning in San Juan Capistrano on your behalf.

Do You Need an Upholstery Cleaning Service in Your Area?

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Our work always adheres to the most outstanding standards because our cleaners have extensive experience and training in upholstery cleaning.

Using our cutting-edge cleaning techniques, a competent team will visit your home and meticulously clean upholstered furniture to eliminate filth or stains. 

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