Join our nationwide team of independent contractors.

We get calls every day from parts of the country where we do not have technicians.

Needless to say, we don’t like to turn down business.

We are looking for skilled, experienced upholstery cleaning owner/operators to serve our high-end customers, who are referred to us by interior design professionals.

How it works: When we have a job in your area, we send you our Stain Free formula (no cost to you), you will receive a work order for our client with the scope of the work and pre-approved pricing. You call the client to set up an appointment within your scheduling considerations, do the job and receive a check for doing the work the following week.

No contract to sign. You can do one job or stay with us for as long as it is a fit for you.

We would be happy to furnish you with referrals from a couple of our long standing technicians.


  1. Must be experienced with cleaning all types of fabrics.
  2. Must have good presentation and comfortable dealing with high-end clientele.

Be the first to call in your area for the exclusive territory rights.

Call us Toll Free today (866) 667-6685

Ultra-Guard has been in business for 29 years and has over 150 service representatives across the country.