Los Rios Park is a great place to go for hiking, biking, fishing, or just to view wildlife. It also has a beautiful picnic area, playgrounds, and a large grassy field known as the “cow pasture.”

Los Rios Park is a wonderful place to go for a hike or bike ride. It is located near San Juan Capistrano, CA. The park is home to the historic Millingstone Ranch House, and the old Los Rios Schoolhouse. The park is also the location of Wild Rivers Waterpark. There are several hiking trails throughout the park, including one that leads from Los Rios Park to Mission San Juan Capistrano (approximately 2 miles). Along this trail, you will find a variety of plants and animals including coyotes, rabbits, quail, and various birds. This two-mile trail can also be used for mountain biking (bikes must stay on the trail).

The Los Rios Schoolhouse was built in 1876 and was used continuously until 1946 when all school students in San Juan moved to the new Capistrano Unified School District. In 1953 Orange County purchased the schoolhouse and restored it as a museum.

San Juan Capistrano’s Los Rios Park, located at the end of Los Rios Street, is a small park that has a river running through it. The park is connected to the San Juan Creek Bike Trail and acts as a gateway to the trail for residents who live on the eastern side of town.

The park has a small play structure that was built in the late 1990s and still remains in use today. There is also an open grassy area with picnic tables, a basketball court, restroom facilities, and an off-leash dog area. A paved bike path runs through the park as well. The area surrounding the park has been going through some major renovations in recent years.

Originally named Los Rios Gardens, this small neighborhood park was once surrounded by homes. In 1993, the city purchased 10 lots adjacent to the park and removed the homes in order to expand and improve it. 

The newly-named San Juan Creek Bike Trail was built nearby in 1999 and connects several parks together while providing a scenic backdrop of greenery along the San Juan Creek bed. 

Zoned for growing since 1970s, Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano, CA has yet to be developed. But a proposal to build nearly 500 homes along with a retail center, restaurants, and hotels are moving forward.

The City Council on Monday approved plans for the project, which would replace a golf course and other existing open space. The council also heard from some residents who oppose the plans.

The development would be known as Los Rios Town Center. It will be placed on 72 acres of land at Los Rios and Innsbruck drives in the southwest corner of town, next to Interstate 5.

Los Rios Park is a major part of the Santa Ana River flood control system. The city has been trying to develop the area since the 1970s but has been unable to reach an agreement with the federal government, which owns the land. The city hopes to gain control of it through this development project, which would pay about $4 million for about two-thirds of the land.*

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