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Your furniture requires continuous attention, dedication, and investment to remain in shape for years to come. Ultra-Guard is a committed company with years of experience in managing a diverse range of fabrics and improving their longevity using furniture protection products. Noted for being one of the finest Philadelphia fabric protection teams in town, Ultra-Guard continues to win the hearts of locals with its robust solutions.

Philadelphia Fabric Protection

By trusting Ultra-Guard and its fabric protection services, clients can enhance the quality of their furniture immediately.

Our Services

* Fabric Protection

* Upholstery Stain Protection

* Furniture Guard

* Access to DIY Protection Products

In-Home Applications

It starts with an in-depth consultation with one of Ultra-Guard’s trusted Philadelphia  fabric protection representatives. A qualified specialist will take the time to analyze each piece, determine what has to be done, and then come up with a clear-cut strategy.

Each in-home application includes:

* Detailed Inspections

* Permanent Solutions Using Fabric Guard

* Immediate Estimate

With any fabric protector, the goal is to use a solution that’s long-lasting, sustainable, and worthwhile. Having spent years on its formulation, Ultra-Guard is among the best in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania due to its commitment to excellence. We believe our product to be a better alternative to Scotchgard. Clients will see the refined processes first-hand as soon as the inspection begins. The specialist will go through every last inch before coming up with a plan and is also going to ensure the right techniques are used for long-term results. The fabric protection spray is used with precision during an in-house application and is only serviced by a qualified Philadelphia  professional.

Please take the opportunity to learn more about Ultra-Guard and its in-house applications by booking a consultation right now!

Years of Expertise

Whether it’s going through a detailed inspection, applying a Fabric Protection product, or analyzing potential solutions, this company takes pride in using its years of experience every step of the way. Ultra-Guard is home to a well-trained batch of specialists with a desire to provide wonderful results. Each solution is customized to meet the client’s needs whether it has to do with leather, nylon, polyester, or olefin. The materials will be handled with a tremendous amount of care in line with the highest industry standards. Ultra-Guard is renowned for being meticulous when it comes to the application of its stain-free products.

The fabric stain protection spray is used efficiently, safely, and based on modern standards of excellence.

To do this properly, the specialist will make sure to protect the surrounding environment and optimize how much spray is used per square inch. This ensures the final result is perfect from top to bottom.

Stain-Free Solutions

With upholstery protection, it’s important to use a solution that is stain-free and easy to use.

Ultra-Guard has spent years researching the intricacies of stain-free solutions and designed a world-class upholstery protector for its clients. With this spray, the results are going to come as soon as the process begins and it will keep the upholstery in good shape for years to come. Upholstery fabric protection is all about the details and making sure the correct methods are employed, which is guaranteed with the help of Ultra-Guard.

Dealing with stains is all about prevention and that starts with the best upholstery treatment. Learn more about what this company has to offer by setting up a consultation and focusing on prioritizing the fabric’s longevity.


Ultra-Guard has perfected its techniques and makes sure to offer a fast-drying solution.

Any form of stain protection should be effective in minutes and that’s the beauty of choosing this company. The spray will take seconds to dry and is going to be ready for use as soon as the task begins. This is the charm of Ultra-Guard and its remarkable line of stain protection services.

Being able to rely on a solution that’s quick, easy-going, and safe remains a top priority for clients. In this case, Ultra-Guard is the number one option in all of Philadelphia  and remains the go-to solution for treating fabric.

Sun-Fade Protection

One of the biggest issues with furniture protection is the ability to thwart potential sun-related damage(s). These damages can pile up over time and lead to a worn out fabric that appears unappealing, odd, and sometimes completely different to how it was straight from the store. To make sure this doesn’t become an impossible problem to resolve, it’s time to learn the beauty of Ultra-Guard and its line of protection products.

These furniture protection services provide access to a tremendous set of benefits including immediate sun-fade protection. In essence, the sun is repelled as soon as it hits the top layer of fabric, which ensures the color and quality is maintained forever. In rooms where there’s a significant amount of sunlight streaming in, it’s best to take action immediately and have the team get started.

If the sun is allowed to hit the top layer and penetrate the fabric, it will lead to a situation where the fabric’s quality is going to worsen. In such situations, it becomes near impossible to salvage without an extensive investment.

Safe Materials

Stain Guard is more than a simple solution for protecting against short or long-term damage. This solution has been made with an eye towards local, state, and federal regulations including gaining approval from the local association for safety and health. Ultra-Guard has left no stone unturned in delivering a solution that is not only worthwhile but safe for all inhabitants.

if the goal is to protect furniture, it’s best to make use of safe materials like the ones provided by this company.

Each material has been fully vetted and is going to deliver results as promised.


While it’s important to protect upholstery with the help of upholstery Stain Guard, it’s also essential to think of the environment. Ultra-Guard is a progressive company with an eye on staying eco-friendly by using home-friendly treatment products. These are not going to damage the planet and will provide exemplary results at the same time. Ultra-Guard has taken time in doing its research and assessing the impact of its treatment solutions.

When it comes to upholstery Stain Protection, there’s nothing as safe as what this company has to offer!

Each product is properly assessed, vetted, and controlled to ensure it delivers incredible results and leads to a viable long-term solution.

Free Estimate in Minutes

Want to have an estimate in hand as soon as possible?

This Philadelphia  fabric protection service takes pride in offering the world’s finest in-house consultations. These consultations are rich in information, quick, and based on modern techniques for optimal efficiency. As a result, clients are able to sit down with one of the lead specialists and get a free estimate within minutes. Instead of hoping for an estimate after days of waiting, clients will get the final figure before the specialist leaves!

Yes, it is that easy with this Philadelphia  fabric protection service!

Everything is professional, detailed, and in line with your schedule.

5-Year Service Warranty

Ultra-Guard is committed when it comes to the use of fabric guard and will take the time to list out a robust warranty agreement to all clients. This is the team’s way of acknowledging the work it does and understanding what a client wants. By showcasing its commitment to quality, the 5-year service warranty is an excellent example of what the company stands for and what it hopes to deliver every single time a client calls.

This warranty provides ample protection with regards to the use of a fabric stain guard and how it is applied.



Friendly Team

With a wide array of Philadelphia  fabric protection and furniture protection products, Ultra-Guard has become a well-respected team in the heart of Philadelphia , Philadelphia . However, it’s real claim to fame is the exemplary customer service offered to each and every client.

Whether it’s a small task or a large one, this team is going to be on top of its processes immediately. This includes the use of fast-drying, safe, and efficient products, which help treat the fabric in minutes.

The Philadelphia  Fabric Protection team also takes pride in remaining friendly and keeping clients in the loop from day one. From the inspection to when the protection guard is applied, clients will learn more about the process, benefits, and long-term requirements. This information is priceless and a great way to ensure the furniture remains in great shape for years to come. The team is passionate about what it has to offer and continues to go the extra mile in helping people maximize their assets.


The product will remain in place forever ensuring the fabric is protected at all costs.

The formula includes the use of an ultraviolet inhibitor to enhance its longevity. Anyone looking for a permanent solution can trust Ultra-Guard to do the job!

For more information on Ultra-Guard’s Philadelphia  Fabric Protection services, rates, and features in Philadelphia, PA please call (267) 764-4799, or visit here, and begin the journey towards a cleaner house. Whether it’s one piece or the entire furniture set, this company is committed to delivering a wonderful set of services in line with modern standards. When it comes to high-grade Philadelphia  fabric protection, no one does it better than Ultra-Guard!

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