We will undoubtedly experience winter, and it has not been easy. There has been lots of mud, salt, snow, ice, and sleet. Regretfully, you and your family have been bringing dirt inside daily, which could potentially damage and stain your carpeting. But during these chilly months, you can maintain your carpet’s cleanliness and new appearance by adhering to these easy tips.

9 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean in the winter

Winter can be challenging for keeping your home clean, especially your carpets. Wet and muddy conditions outside can easily translate to dirty carpets inside. However, you can maintain a clean and cozy home during winter with some proactive measures. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep your carpet fresh and inviting despite the winter weather.

Use mats

Doormats are one of the best ways to keep the outside elements out of your house. Ensure that you get those for your outside door and inside. Wipe off extra dirt, salt, or loose snow from your shoes by wiping them twice, and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Remove Shoes, Dry, and Wipe Pets

Make it a practice to remove your boots or shoes as soon as you enter the house so that you can walk around. It will significantly lessen the wear and stains your carpet will face. Remember about your pets as well! Before allowing them to run and roll about inside, wipe them dry with a towel at the door if they have been outdoors. When around dogs, exercise extra care because dirt and mud can become caught in their fur and paws.

As you urge guests to take off their shoes, you could also think about buying some indoor slippers to give them. Having a separate shoe pad for the wet shoes will also be beneficial. Alternatively, if you have one, put your shoes in the designated area to avoid stepping all over the carpet, such as a garage or mud room.

Vacuum Your Carpet Frequently

Vacuum Frequently

We spend much of our time indoors during winter to stay warm. Sadly, that means more winter dirt will be tracked into our carpets. Increasing the frequency of your vacuuming can significantly hinder the build-up of winter dirt in every house room. How often do you ask? At the very least once a week, you may need to vacuum twice weekly to keep up with the dust, depending on how dusty your house is.

Furthermore, how you vacuum matters, to remove the most debris and dirt from your carpet, you should vacuum in all directions and go over every spot eight to twelve times, depending on how much foot activity the area gets.

Clean The Outside For A Clean Inside

Maintaining the cleanliness of your carpets also depends on keeping the outside of the house clean and neat. Make sure to shovel or sweep the front porch, deck, steps, and even your garage, regardless of freezing snow, rain, or ice. Doing this removes all the debris and dirt, preventing you or the wind from bringing it inside.

Spot Clean Right Away

Stains will always appear no matter how hard you try to keep your carpet clean. Dealing with stains and spills as soon as they appear is essential to maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet. The chance that a spill may set in and develop a stain increases with the time it remains on the carpet. Thus, look for any stains and remove them as soon as possible. For a stain-free carpet for your home, schedule your San Juan Capistrano carpet protection today.

Prepare for Stains

You should always have an essential cleaning product kit for when the inevitable stain happens. So, what items need to be included in the kit? To begin with, it’s a good idea to have some brushes and cleaning cloths available to dab or scrub any stains. Additionally, you’ll need some carpet cleaning solutions or stain removers. Any cleaner you use on your carpet should be tested first because it can have unintended effects. Having an emergency pack on hand could help you address stains as soon as they appear, preventing them from becoming embedded in your carpets.

Use Rugs or Runners

Putting rugs or mats at the entrances can capture a lot of dirt before entering the house. If it’s not feasible or desirable for you to remove shoes, try to prevent the worst part at the door. Next, place runners from the entrances along the high-traffic lanes. Runners will keep the worn paths in better shape for the remainder of the year and protect the carpet from snow-trapping shoes. Vacuum them when they become dirty, then put them in the laundry to clean.

Professionally Clean

Following carpet cleaning tips throughout the winter will keep your carpets from suffering significant, permanent damage. But nothing beats a professional deep clean for the greatest results. Dust and filth will still gather in your carpet even after an effective DIY cleaning, which is why having your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year is advised. It’s the ideal approach to prepare holiday guests arriving at home or, after they depart, to start fresh in the new year.

Carpet Protection San Juan Capistrano

Apply Carpet Protection

Apply a carpet protector or stain repellent to create a barrier against spills and stains. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. But if you want a professional to apply it, call our professionals at Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection. This additional layer of protection can make it easier to clean up spills before they penetrate the carpet fibers.


By following these tips, you can ensure that your carpets remain clean and beautiful all year round. Keep them clean during the winter and give them a full cleaning in the spring.

Say goodbye to worries about spills, stains, and wear and tear during winter. Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection protects carpets from unexpected mishaps, ensuring they remain pristine and inviting for years. To schedule your carpet protection in San Juan Capistrano, call (949) 361-8181.

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