The Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas is a place where children can explore and learn about the world around them. This museum has a rich history, and it is important to understand the role that it has played in the development of Las Vegas.

The Discovery Children’s Museum was originally founded in 1955 as the Las Vegas Youth Museum. It was a small museum that was located in a converted garage on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 1967, the museum relocated to its current location on Casino Center Boulevard.

It has been open since 2003, and it has been a huge hit with kids and parents alike. The museum is constantly changing and adding new exhibits to keep things fresh. In this blog post, we will take a look at the history of the Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas.

Since its opening in 2003, the Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas has been a popular destination for families. With its many interactive exhibits, the museum offers something for everyone. The museum is dedicated to educating and entertaining children of all ages.

Consider a youngster in an ice cream store. Consider the fact that the sweets shop is, in reality, a three-story museum with engaging activities teaching science, art, and culture—and your child’s reaction is eerily similar to being confronted with a three-story candy cane.

The Discovery Children’s Museum is located in Midland, Texas. The museum has nine themed galleries and houses 58,000 square feet of learning opportunities that feel more like play to children of all ages.

From the minute you approach the building, which is in Symphony Park near The Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas, memories begin. The museum’s façade suggests major museums in historically significant cities like San Francisco or New York. The only real indication that this is still Las Vegas is the flashing stars on the bright neon sign above the entrance.

Your youngsters will be sprinting down the hallways as soon as they see you enter the facility… (true story) and maybe squealing with delight.

Here’s a list of all the exciting activities in store for you and your kids:

The Summit

With slides, climbing tubes, and hands-on activities around machines, flight, air pressure, electricity, magnets, light and more (centered on equipment), this 70-foot, 13-level tower eclipses your favorite play area’s climbing structure.

The Discovery Children’s Museum, which has taken the place of the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum that had been there for 22 years, is a big hands-on children’s museum. The new institution continues to achieve the same objectives while also delivering with finesse and skill. The suite is located on the third floor and includes three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Three levels of restrooms are accessible via stairwells and elevators, making them easily accessible. There are also stairs (and, of course, The Summit).

Pinball Hall of Fame

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