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Recently we had a phone call from a very happy Ultra-Guard customer, Tammy Mitchell, who owns “The Log Cabin” Barbecue Restaurant in Stafford, Virginia.

Tammy said that she had applied our Stain Free aerosol product on a uniform polo shirt and she then rubbed on some “pit grease” from the barbecue, a stick of butter and slathered on some barbecue sauce. She then grinded it in and let the shirt sit for a couple of days.

She washed the shirt and upon inspection the polo shirt was in fact Stain Free!

“The baby's bottle leaked on our chenille sofa and dried before we noticed. We found our Ultra-Guard warranty and called the 800 number. The technician came the next day and removed the stain. The sofa looks new again. Thanks Ultra-Guard!”

Fran Bollinger – Naples, Florida

“Our baby sitter spilled cranberry juice on our new wool carpet and we didn't see it until the next day and it had dried. It had been treated with Stain Free, so I called Ultra-Guard and they sent out their technician and the juice came out completely.”

Libby Capshaw – Newport Beach, California

“We had a birthday party at our home and my dad dropped chocolate cake icing on our silk loveseat and accidently sat on it. I am so happy we went to the expense of having you guys treat the furniture. It came out without a trace.”

Mary Warmington – Houston, Texas

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