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Fabric Stain Protection and Prevention

Ultra-Guard offers Nationwide Professional Fabric Spray, Fabric Protection and Furniture Protection Services. We also offer do-it-yourself stain prevention and removal products for carpet, fabrics, upholstery, leather and more!

Our advanced fabric stain protection formula chemically bonds with the fabric creating permanent fabric protection and furniture protection against spills, stains, soiling and fading associated with pet stains, grass stains, blood stains, food and beverage and other stains.

ULTRA-GUARD, Inc. offers the ultimate in on-site fabric care nationwide, with Stain Removal, Fabric Protection, Furniture Protection and Maintenance Cleaning of fine upholstery, carpet, exotic rugs, leather and suede.

Our Stain Free Protective Fabric Spray is also available in convenient fabric spray bottles for easy do-it-yourself application.

Scotchgard Comparison

Scotch Guard is the product most familiar because for decades hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent making the product a household name. Scotchgard is to Water repellents as Kleenex is to “Tissue”.

Scotchguard was recently discovered to contain PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate), an ozone depleting chemical, which is known to damage the liver and produce birth defects in lab animals. It was discovered that PFOS were in blood samples from all over the world, in children, in Alaskan polar bears, and in bald eagles from the Great Lakes. Scotchgard has since changed its formula which you may now compare to the above mentioned Silicone /water based products that may discolor fabrics and actually attract soil to the fabric surface.

Stain Free contains no PFOS and unlike the Scotch Guard products protect against oil based stains as well as water based.

In Home Application

Furniture Upholstery Protection

Let our professionals apply our Stain Free furniture and carpet protection to your home or office furnishings! We come to you at your convenience!

Learn more about the process, prices and service center locations.

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Do It Yourself

stain protection

Easy to apply spray bottle. Use on Leather, Fabrics Upholstery and Rugs! Repels Water and Oil based stains Coffee, Wine, Salad Oil, etc.
Non Toxic Hypo-Allergenic Eco Friendly

Purchase our World Class Stain Protection and Fabric Stain Protector Spray direct from the manufacturer!

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Leather protection and cleaning

“It is often hard to convince a client to spend the additional money to protect their fabric and carpet investment when textile costs are as high as they are, but it is the very reason they should! Giving your fabrics stain protection will give them a longer life and lower your cost of ownership. Their fabric protection products are second to none! If you have not yet switched to Ultra-Guard, I encourage you to do so and see why I have been so pleased with the product and service.”

Beverly Stadler, ASID, CID Design Focus - ASID President 2003-04


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